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BAY’s instantly recognisable abstract work is inspired by her Tongan Heritage and mental health. Her collection ‘Mind Maps’ reflects her own journey of self-discovery and resonates with anyone seeking to better understand their identity and experiences.

Growing up, the Adelaide local did not know she was Polynesian. It was only recently that she discovered that many drawings from her childhood have an indigenous Polynesian aspect, particularly repetitive line work and tiny dots painted from an aerial perspective, and larger geometric patterns commonly seen in ceremonial dress.

Her instinctive eye for colour and form combine to create large paintings that celebrate the healing process of mental health. Acrylic paints are marbled and react with gel mediums to represent the unpredictable symptoms of anxiety and depression, while the contrasting lines, which appear as contour lines on a map and create the impression of islands, are a metaphor for the isolation which many with mental illness experience.

Bringing her experiences and challenges into the spotlight through art has helped those around her consider their own situation. The artworks have become a talking point for many, offering a space of calm and an opportunity for reflection. Viewers find they are slowly drawn deep inside the artwork, leaving behind the stresses of everyday life.

BAY's stunning paintings are available as originals and as limited edition, hand finished fine art Giclee prints. Each print is made using archival pigments on 100% cotton paper and is finished by hand adding metallic details of gold and silver or striking fluoro highlights. A range of greeting cards based on the original paintings is also available.

$5 from each print sold is donated to Headspace Australia, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

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